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The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management is a comprehensive course designed to give practicing or aspiring first line managers a solid foundation in their formal development as a manager.

It will take you from potential management material to skilled, capable manager who can play a valuable role in any size of business.

The qualification is internationally recognised and awarded by the UK's leading management training organisation, ILM, so employers will be certain of the skills you have got of what it takes to lead a successful team.

You could explore organisational change and time management, look at a variety of leadership styles while you develop your own, and learn to make decisions that show solution-oriented thinking. You could also learn effective communication skills and look at the best way to establish and maintain excellent customer service.

You will graduate with your ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management, able too effectively and efficiently handle all the duties and responsibilities of a first line manager.

What will I study?

To achieve the ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management you will need to gain a total of 13 credits. You will do this by taking a combination of units worth 1 or 2 credits each.   

Dates & Location:

Dates: 21st June 2018

Times: 10:00 - 15:00


1 day a week for 8 weeks 


ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management £1150 Depending on your individual circumstances, we have a number of funded co funded and full cost options including student loans.*

*Course fees are free if you apply before 19th June 2018 

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Why take a Leadership and Management course?

Strong leaders are the core foundation of any successful business. A manager can make or break a team, enhancing or solidifying your leadership skill is crucial to being the best manager you can be.

Studying an Leadership and Management (ILM) qualification will allow you to:

  1. Understand yourself as a leader
  2. Understand leadership styles and the effect they have on people
  3. Use feedback and self-review and reflection to enhance your leadership skills
  4. Work on your communication skills and ability to align your team with your organisation’s goals and vision
  5. Learn solid techniques for organising and implementing complex plans and projects
  6. Build happier and more productive teams

Which Level should I choose?

Level 2 is perfect for you if you are a team leader or potential team leader who needs a solid foundation in management skills. If you are a current team leader, it will help you be more confident in your role. If you are currently part of a team, it will help you make the transition from team member to team leader.

Level 3 is the right choice if you have some management experience as a team leader or first line manager. It will take you from potential management material to respected and efficient leader and help you rise in the ranks.

Level 5 is perfect if you are a middle manager, such as an operations/project manager or department head. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to take on a senior management role and progress in your career. 

What are Awards –Certificates - Diplomas?

Awards are bite-sized qualifications, which will give you in-depth knowledge of a specific, narrow subject area. 

Certificates are medium-scope qualifications, which cover essential subject areas in detail.

Diplomas are a full sized qualification, which cover substantial subject areas in detail

About ILM

ILM are the UK’s largest management body. They are an independent charity that forms part of the City and Guilds group, and set the benchmark for quality in leadership and management.

They combine industry-leading qualifications with specialist member services, and their focus is on improving leadership standards in companies of all sizes.

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