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This course is aimed at trainee and QVNs as well as veterinary technicians who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the laboratory techniques involved in the various methods of testing blood samples and in basic microbiology.

  • Practical Haematology- Understand How to collect and prepare blood specimens for Haematology
  • Basic microscopy techniques including The identification of white cells, red cells and platelets, including individual white cell lines and mature and immature red cells
  • The preparation and staining of good quality blood smears for morphological examination
  • Interpreting PCV results and using microhaematocrit tubes
  • The preparation and examination of a reticulocyte count
  • Practical Microbiology: Basic Microbiology techniques including The examination of urine samples, The recognition of simple cultures, preparation and staining of slides for The identification of bacteria

Course reference: VNP011

Entry Requirements:

QVN/trainee VN or Veterinary technician

Dates & Location:

Date: TBC

Time: 09:30- 16:30

Location: Plumpton 


1 day




  • You’ll be able to develop invaluable practical skills at our excellent Animal Management Unit at Plumpton.
  • With extensive access to domestic, exotic and small animals, you’ll also spend time working at our equine department too.
  • Our Clinical Veterinary Nursing Training Suite will give you experience of working with the latest technological equipment to extend your clinical skills.

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