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This course will combine the two main sources of information about Roman Britain: the various historical sources (classic texts; inscriptions and legends on coins) and archaeological evidence (such as buildings, roads, artefacts, mosaics, burials, etc.) After an initial chronological and largely historical approach, a thematic approach will examine the ways in which culture and other forms of evidence can inform us about the changes over time in the nature of settlement and society in Roman Britain. Topics to be considered will include: Client Kingdoms; The Army; 'Romanization'/ 'Becoming Roman'; Towns; Villas and farmsteads; Trade and Industry; Religion and Burial; and The End of Roman Britain. 


The course will involve illustrated lectures, practical handling sessions of Roman artefacts and visits to museums and archaeological sites in Sussex (and perhaps beyond).

Background reading:

Frere, S. 1987. Britannia. Third edition. Routledge.

Henig, M. 1984. Religion in Roman Britain. Batsford.

Jackson, R & Hobbs, R. 2010. Roman Britain. British Museum.

Manley, J. 2002. AD 43, The Roman Invasion of Britain: A Re- assessment. Tempus.

Course code: COP003

This course is taught by Dr David Rudling, B.Sc, MA, PhD, FSA, MCIfA.

Entry Requirements:

General interest int he early history of Britain in the Roman era.

Note book and pen.

Sturdy boots and coats for potential visits (to be confirmed by tutor once started).

Dates & Location:

Date: TBC

Time: 18:30- 20:30

Location: Plumpton College


Every Thursday Evening for 20 weeks.

During term time only.




  • With over 800 hectares at your disposal, we’ve got excellent facilities for you to develop your knowledge and practical skills.
  • On our College estate alone, you’ve got ancient semi-natural woodlands, chalk downland, our commercial farm, plus a network of small streams.
  • You’ll also enjoy time at our dedicated wood workshops which are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

Future Opportunities


Indicative Programme Content

You can look forward to a varied programme of modules that also includes a work placement. You’ll also continue your English and Maths up to GCSE level. Modules include:

  • Work related experience in the countryside sector *
  • Environment and land based business *
  • Estate maintenance
  • Conservation and improvement of British habitats
  • Introduction to countryside access and recreation
  • Introduction to environmental studies
  • Game management (optional)
  • Tractor driving
  • Deer management (optional)
  • English & Maths

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