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Horticulture and Landscape Operatives can be employed to work in public parks and gardens, green spaces and historic gardens, private gardens and estates or in production nurseries and retail outlets.

Many businesses will be specialised in their activities, such as grounds maintenance (soft-landscape) or landscape construction (hard-landscape). Soft- landscaping includes the establishment and maintenance of plants and cultivated areas. Hard-landscaping includes establishment of hard surfaces and structures in addition to the establishment of plants in cultivated areas.

The distinct nature of these two specialisms means very few businesses can offer the full breadth of skills and therefore two options are available for this occupation; horticulture and landscape construction. The employment area will dictate the option pursued. The horticulture option focuses on plant propagation and plant growth. The landscape construction choice focuses on the installation of features and structures; application of landscape materials as well as supporting site management.

Work is generally based outdoors and undertaken throughout the year, so Apprentices will frequently work outside in all weathers. Often people new to the industry will start in a hands-on role covering a range of practical tasks, with specialist skills being learnt through progression. A wide range of machinery and tools are used, and additional training may be required depending on the nature of the works undertaken.

Working and learning in the horticulture and landscape industries is rewarding, offers a diverse range of employment opportunities and includes a range of skills that are transferrable into many other industries.

The Apprentice must complete a portfolio of evidence that meets the requirements of the training
specification and the Apprenticeship Standard. This will be a record of how the Apprentice has met the skills,
knowledge and behavioural requirements of the Standard. The portfolio is not graded as part of the End Point
Assessment (EPA) but it is mandatory and will form the basis of the Professional Discussion.
The elements of the portfolio are:
• The Apprentices journal – a record of experiences gained through the learning journey
• Employer appraisals – showing the progress of the Apprentice monitored by the employer
• Written and practical tests – designed to prepare the Apprentice for EPA and seasonal elements
• A record of Off the Job Training – this is training that must occur for a minimum of 20% of the time the
Apprentice is paid to work and is training delivered outside of their normal working duties – to develop a wider
understanding of the industry.
To comply with legislation / industry standards, individuals who wish to work in some sectors of the industry
may have to complete additional certificates of training, statutory licences

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Entry Requirements:

You will need an employer who would like to take you on as an apprentice. 

You will also attend college for a minimum number of set hours each week. 

You will have ideally have achieved GCSE grades A-E or equivalent. If you have an equivalent qualification, we will also take this into consideration, along with any industry experience you may have. 

Dates & Location:

September 2020


24 Months 


Non-levy paying employers will share the cost of training and assessing their apprentices with government - this is called ‘co-investment’.

From April 2019, you will pay 5% towards to the cost of apprenticeship training and government will pay the rest (95%), up to the funding band maximum.

Future Opportunities

This Apprenticeship links to industry developed qualifications that enable and encourage progression and continuous development of skills and knowledge.

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