Honey Bee Health Certificate

1 Day Workshop

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This one day workshop is perfect for anyone looking to build on their knowledge of bee health; it is also a preparation day for the BBKA honey bee health certificate. Feel confident with some extra study and guidance from a professional in the Honey Bee world. 

The day will consist of theoretical study and demonstrations. The topics that this course will cover are: 

  • The British Beekeepers' Association' Honey bee health Assessment 
  • Hygiene 
  • Statutory requirements 
  • American Foul Brood (AFB) 
  • European Foul Brood (EFB) 
  • Other brood diseases 
  • Adult Bee Diseases 
  • Viruses 
  • Nutrition and Spray Poisoning 
  • Pests 
  • Practical Tasks (demonstrations) 
  • Resources available 

The workshop aims to encourage beekeepers who have been awarded the BBKA Basic Certificate and have at least three years of beekeeping experience an opportunity to improve their understanding and practice of beekeeping. This course will work through the theoretical elements of the BBKA assessment and prepare the beekeeper for the practical demonstrations required for the assessment. 

After this workshop, you can confidently take the exam and be one step closer to the BBKA General Husbandry assessment. 

Optional reading: BBKA News Special Issues Series 'General Husbandry.' 

Course details

Dates & Location

11th February, 2023

9:00 - 17:00


1 Day



Entry Requirements

To take the Assessment beekeepers will require to have passed the BBKA Basic and had 3 years’ experience but this course will benefit anyone who already has bees and wants to improve their beekeeping knowledge and skills.

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