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 This introductory class on garden design will explain what is required to design a garden. Designs for patios and walls to choices on various plants for all situations will be explored. Some draughting and an explanation of the design principles will give you a good start in designing a garden of your dreams.

This course looks at five areas which have to be considered if you wish to design a garden.

  • Site appraisal: This looks at the way in which the site or garden area will affect the design.
  • Visual impression:  This is a fascinating part of design, where elements in the garden that are generally taken for granted, are scrutinised: for example, how to add mystery and movement into the garden and recognising the importance of the interplay between open and closed space.
  • Soft Landscape:  This is the planting side of the garden design where all plants that go to make up the garden are considered.
  • Hard Landscape:  Takes a look at the hard materials, stone, timber, brick and concrete and explores how these can be used in the garden. 
  • Draughting:  How to put this all down on paper and what equipment is needed are necessary to communicate your ideas, will be looked at but not implemented.

Entry Requirements:

No entry requirements.

Dates & Location:

Dates: 24th September 2018 

Time: 09.30-12.30

Location: Plumpton


Every Monday, 10 Week Course




Our horticulture facilities at Plumpton are pretty impressive. In fact you’ll get to experience one of the finest natural locations in the country, perfect for developing your creativity. Whether indoors or outdoors, you’ll be able to build your skills in an excellent environment.

  • Discover our extensively planted areas on-site at Plumpton

As you build your knowledge, you’ll be able to gain a wide experience of being able to identify and maintain different plants.

  • Experience our endangered plant collections at first hand

You’ll be able to experience our Black Poplars and National collection of Hebes, in addition to our endangered plant network connection with Kew Gardens.

  • Grow plants all year round here

We’ve got an excellent large area under glass where you’ll be able to grow plants without the risk of the weather, up to a commercial level.

  • Build even more skills at Plumpton

You’ll be able to develop your brickwork skills and paving at our large landscaping centre.

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