Level 3

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Level 3 Certificate: you simply complete 3 subjects to study
Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma: you complete 6 units where 2 are core units
Level 3 Diploma: you complete 12 units where 6 are core units
Level 3 Extended Diploma: you complete all 18 units where 6 are core units

This course is designed for those wishing to extend their basic knowledge in blacksmithing and metalwork. Prospective students are likely to have completed the Level 2 Diploma in Metalsmithing or have relevant work experience.


Ricky Delaney

Qualifications gained

  • Subsidiary or Extended Diploma in Blacksmithing and Metalwork
  • Plumpton College Certificate in Blacksmithing
  • Relevant additional qualifications
  • College award, Functional Skills or GCSEs in English and Maths
Student by the forge
Entry Requirements:


  • You'll need to have achieved 4 or more GCSEs grades 9-4 (previous grade structure A-C) including English and Maths
  • Successful completion of a Level 2 qualifiaction

Mature students who do not possess any of the above qualifications will be considered.

Dates & Location:

September 2018


2 years, full time

3 days per week

I've now completed my Level 2 course and I'm in my final year of Level 3 Extended Diploma. I particularly enjoy drawing and designing and making useful things.

My favourite part about Level 3 has been experimenting at the forge with new connection techniques.

Izaac Reed

Level 3 Extended Diploma Blacksmithing and Metalwork

Future Opportunities

Practical employment in the blacksmithing/metalsmithing/fabrication industry. Self employed, vehicle restorer, Apprentice in metalsmithing and fabrication industry. Further courses to degree level.


Indicative Programme Content

The Extended Diploma programme is based around six mandatory core units and twelve specialist units, all other certificates are a combination of units chosen from:

  • Workshop Practice
  • Fabrication Drawing
  • Using Forging techniques
  • Using Fabrication techniques
  • Drawing Practice
  • Principles and methods of design
  • Introductory Welding
  • Small scale design and working
  • Work Experience
  • Large scale design and working
  • Forge Practice
  • Repousse and other decorative skills
  • Blacksmithing and construction skills
  • Business Management
  • Manual Arc welding
  • English & maths
  • Metal Arc Gas shielded welding

Specialist units

  • 2D Visual Communication
  • Using Ideas to Explore, Develop and Produce Art and Design (silversmithing)
  • 3D Design Briefs (silversmithing)
  • 3D Design Crafts Briefs (silversmithing)
  • Application of Welding Processes
  • Fabrication Techniques and Sheet Metal Work
  • Working with Blacksmithing Specifications and Calculations
  • Introduction to Land-based Workshop Practice
  • English & maths

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