Level 1

Course outline

This is a varied and interesting course designed to provide you with a broad education in Animal Care.  You will work with a variety of animals including small mammals, exotics, reptiles and fish as a basis for Further Education courses at college and for moving into relevant employment afterwards.

The course will help to develop practical skills and increase your knowledge and understanding of many different aspects of animal husbandry and natural history (as well as including numeracy, literacy and IT skills) which are required to either progress on to other courses or to work in the Animal Care industry.

Course content

Core Units: 

  • Safe and effective working practices                              
  • Develop performance in land-based industries 

Specialist Core Unit: 

  • Assist with the health and well-being of animals. 
Entry Requirements:

School Students

  • Applicants must be 14 years of age or older by 31st August of the year of applying.
  • A service level agreement must be agreed and signed between the College and participating School before learners can be enrolled.
  • The school must be in agreement with the application and agree to pay the fees.

Electively Home Educated 

  • Students must have been out of education and home schooled for at least 6 months prior to enrolling.
  • Applicants must be 14 years of age or older by 31st August of the year of applying.

1 year - Certificate

2 years - Diploma

One day per week

Kane Ross

Level 1 Land-based studies: animal care

I chose this course as I am able to practise my literacy and numeracy skills whilst learning about caring for animals and about different environments.  I enjoy practical tasks and this course gives me lots of hands-on learning.

The best part of this course is caring for the animals and the practical handling sessions especially the guinea pigs. 

In the future I would like to enrol on the Rural Pathways course at Plumpton College with a view to working in agriculture.

Luc Green

14 - 16 alumni

Luc progressed from the 14 - 16 level 1 course to take the level 2 and then 3 in Animal Care, achieving 'Top Student' on the 14-16 course. 

Future Opportunities

  • Students usually come into college at age 14 and are on a two year programme. On successful completion of this they are then in a position to apply for a place on the 16+ full time study programmes.  Towards the end of the second year this is discussed with students as part of the progression tutorials.
  • On applying for a 16+ course students will be required to attend an interview for the course and will be processed as a new applicant.
  • Once students are a 16+ programme they are also in a position to apply for bursaries to support learning, travel etc. 

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