Agriculture and Farm

Agricultural education is at the heart of Plumpton’s activities. The college farm and wider estate are used extensively to deliver the range of agriculture courses from level 1 introductory programmes, through to our foundation degree at level 4. The size and range of the farm enterprises means that there is always a good deal of real life practical work to get involved with. Agriculture students can expect a broad range of teaching methods from lectures and discussion to practical activities and can expect to be on the farm for at least half of their time developing practical skills and working alongside the farm staff as part of the farm routines. You will also get the opportunity to visit and work with other local farmers to complement your studies and help broaden your understanding of the farming industry. Lots of experienced staff and a friendly environment will all help to make your time at Plumpton a rewarding experience and prepare you for your future employment or further agricultural studies.

Full-time courses

Course Name Level
Land Based Studies (Level 1) FE(16+)
Agriculture (Level 2) FE(16+)
Agriculture (Level 3) FE(16+)
Dairy Husbandry (Level 3) FE(16+)
Agriculture Foundation degree HE(18+)

Part-time courses

Course Name Level
Diploma in Work-Based Agriculture Level 2 WBL
Apprenticeship in Agriculture (Level 2) WBL
Advanced Apprenticeship in Agriculture (Level 3) WBL
Diploma in Work-Based Agriculture Level 3 WBL
NPTC Livestock Transport Certificate (Short Journeys) SC
Pig Handling SC
Calf Handling SC
Sheep Handling SC
Lambing - Practical SC
Sheep Shearing for Beginners and Improvers SC
Hand Blade Sheep Shearing SC
Introduction to Pig Keeping SC
Keeping Laying Hens at Home SC
Practical 2 day Pork Butchery SC
Practical 2 day Lamb Butchery SC
Practical Venison Butchery in a Day SC
Sausage Making half day SC
Bacon/Gammon Curing SC
British Charcuterie & Salami Making SC
Food Smoking SC
Milk Processing SC
Soft Cheese Making SC
Hard Cheese Making SC
Butter & Clotted Cream Making SC
Yogurt Making SC
Ice Cream Making SC
NPTC Safe Use of Sheep Dip SC
Agriculture Foundation degree HE(18+)
Pork Butchery Demo SC
Welfare of Poultry - at the time of killing SC
Lamb Butchery Demo SC
Venison Butchery SC
Beef Butchery Demo SC
Managing a Beef Herd SC
Beekeeping - Module 1 Course SC
City & Guilds level 2 Certificate in Horticulture SC
Further Brickwork SC
Horticulture Taster Sessions SC
Practical Woodland Management Using Hand Tools SC
Workshop - Different Uses of Felled Timber- half day SC
Workshop - Tree Care to Optimise end value- half day SC

14-16 Career Focused Vocational/Technical Courses

Course Name Level
Pearson BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Land-based Studies (Agriculture) 14-16
EDEXCEL BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Agriculture 14-16
(Plumpton Explorer: Ivyland Farm) EDEXCEL BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Vocational Studies 14-16
(Plumpton Tracker: Ivyland Farm) EDEXCEL BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Land-based Studies 14-16